The Cuban

Date: Wednesday, August 05, 2020
Duration: All Day

1h 49min | Drama       

Academy award winner Louis Gossett Jr. expands his repertoire of exceptional performances in the role of Luis, an elderly Cuban musician who is brought out of his shell by his care worker, a young Afghan immigrant named Mina. Mina’s attempts to get through to Luis, even just to feed him, are futile. That is, until she discovers the music. A poster of Benny More inspires Mina to hum a jazz tune that, to her surprise, ignites a spark inside him. As each day passes the music awakens Luis more and more until the colorful world of his past becomes vibrant and real again. Mina comes into her own as she gets to know him and their friendship blossoms.

THE CUBAN is a powerful heart-warming experience of music, friendship, family and loyalty that highlights the humanity of some of the most vulnerable in our society and the light they are still capable of bringing those who care for them in their final days. It also highlights how unlikely friendships are formed through kindness and a desire to help those who are vulnerable.

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Family/Group Viewing Ticket: $12 for a two day pass


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