Daily View
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Local Singer Songwriter Night - In the Round (Sat. 16 Sep, 2017 7:30 pm)

Tony Barnes:

Music has afforded Tony Barnes many great experiences in his 34 trips around the sun. He is a five-year "Vet" of the Nashville music scene, as an artist, writer, and booking agent. He has been a professional musician for nearly 9 years, and a full-time husband for a little over a year. Barnes was the solo entertainer at Isla Grand Beach Resort in South Padre Island, TX during the summer of 2010. He has been, and is currently, booked by Entertainment America, and East Coast Entertainment, respectively. Tony has played venues all over the country and opened up for many national artists, but prefers to take a "more regional approach" to his touring these days- staying around the Carolinas so he can also do his most important work of being a family man. He loves to jam, to fish, to eat, to drink, and to spread "the love" and spirit that music can inspire in all of us.



Born in Clarksville Tennessee, just 40 miles outside of Nashville, Ashley Wright (stage name Earleine) grew up immersed in musical culture. At 18 she picked up the guitar, and soon began writing her own songs. After years of "behind closed doors" guitar picking and singing, Ashley decided to dip her toes in the "open mic night" waters. She lived in Southern Pines for 5 years, and performed with the acoustic duo Whiskey Pines. Wright made her way to the mountains in the winter of 2016 to expand her musical horizons, where she created her new musical project Earleine. Genuine and shockingly honest, her songwriting is mixed with poetic lyricism, and dreamy harmonies that seem to lift hard time memories into ephemeral realms. Earleine's style is a swirl of folk, rock, blues, and roots under a blanket of soul.


Bill West:

One voice. One guitar. Over 1,700 shows and counting. 9 states. 2 countries. Over 250,000 miles on the road. Thousands of satisfied listeners. Smooth vocals. Lyrics that come from a heart that shares the exact same memories as yours. Melodies that create instant nostalgia. Bill West takes great pride in the art of song crafting. He was featured on “The Next Great American Band” TV show in 2007. His music has been streamed 3.5 million times on Spotify, and his full tour schedule is available at www.billwestmusic.com. Most importantly, Bill feels as if his music career is just getting started.


Becca Rae:

Becca Rae moved to Southern Pines five years ago, and has established herself as one of the area’s most talented and hardest working musicians. Before relocating to the Pines, Becca Rae had already released two original albums, opened for legendary artists like Loretta Lynn, and spent years honing her skills in Nashville, TN. Now a local mainstay, Becca Rae continues to pursue her career by performing live every weekend, writing new material, and preparing to release her third album in 2018. Becca Rae’s classic country music style and sound appeal to fans from all walks of life, and her honest approach to songwriting makes her original music relatable and enduring. Fans can find Becca Rae on iTunes, Facebook, and her official website: www.beccaraemusic.com